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Multimedia Conference 2017 A system for vowels recognition in Colombian sign language Abstract
Deivid Botina, Maria Alejandra Domínguez, Carlos Andres Madrigal, Andres Eduardo Castro-Ospina
Multimedia Conference 2017 Analysis of satellite images for biomass classification in the department of Nariño Abstract
Alison Giovanna Bastidas, Andrea Lorena Bravo, Andrés Darío Pantoja
Multimedia Conference 2017 Automatic identification of textile products using frequency space characterization and supervised learning Abstract
Andres Felipe Calvo Salceso, Arley Bejarano Martinéz, Carlos Alberto Henao
Multimedia Conference 2017 Image digital processing for the homogeneity calculation of an asphalt mix Abstract
Oscar Javier Reyes-Ortiz, Marcela Mejia, Juan Sebastian Useche Castelblanco
Multimedia Conference 2017 Interactive narrative model as support therapy in children with ADHD Abstract
Laura Guineth Guevara Maldonado, Carlos Alberto Rocha Castaño
Multimedia Conference 2017 Proceedings of Multimedia Conference 2017 - Front cover and preliminaries Abstract
Multimedia Conference .
Multimedia Conference 2017 Theoretical and conceptual model of the value perceived by the customer in Colombian electronic commerce. Abstract
Juan Manuel Garzon Escobar, Aura Cecilia Pedraza Avella, Carlos Enrique Vecino Arenas
Multimedia Conference 2017 Ubiquitous three-dimensional environments to support first-person learning Abstract
Jonathan Javier Sánchez Sanabria, Julio Barón Velandia, Jeisson Rodrigo Piñeros Ramirez
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